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If you or your child was molested or was the victim of a sexual assault by a school coach, college coach, camp counselor, clergy, minister, priest, or rabbi you should contact an attorney to determine whether you have a cause of action (claim). Unfortunately, sexual predators and pedophiles can be found at summer camps, schools, colleges, athletic facilities, and in churches and synagogues, and in church youth groups. Pedophiles thrive on the ability to meet, make contact with, target, and groom their victims. Grooming a victim can be as simple as a coach, counselor, or a religious leader taking a special interest in a child that may be lonely, such as the child of a single mother. Pedophiles have an uncanny ability to single out and target children who are lonely and in need of attention.

Pedophile priests, pedophile ministers, pedophile pastors, and pedophile rabbis are not uncommon in the religious arena. Pedophile camp counselors, pedophile swim coaches, pedophile football coaches, pedophile basketball coaches, pedophile soccer coaches, and pedophile volleyball coaches are also not uncommon in the school, camp, and athletic facilities and athletic arenas. Pedophile teachers and pedophile professors can be found in nurseries, day care facilities, schools, colleges and universities in the educational arena. Parents should immediately consult with an attorney knowledgeable in this area of law if their child or college student has been fondled, molested, or sexually assaulted by a pedophile.

Sexual Assault is unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature that includes groping, fondling, attempted rape, and rape. Unwanted physical touching of a victim’s breasts, buttocks, or genitals is also a sexual assault. Of course, children are legally unable to consent to sexual relations until they have reached the age of eighteen in Texas, so any adult that has sexual contact with a child younger than eighteen has committed a sexual assault- because children cannot consent to sexual contact.

Texas law gives sexual assault victims the legal right to sue their assailants. Some assaults have a statute of limitations of only two years while sexual assaults that involve touching or penetration of the sexual organ (genitals) of the victim can have a much longer statute of limitations of five years. If the victim of a sexual assault was a child (under eighteen years old) when the sexual assault occurred the five-year statute of limitations clock does not begin to run until the victim turns eighteen years old. This means that children who are victims of sexual assaults in Texas must file suit and serve the perpetrators with their lawsuit before they turn twenty three years of age.

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