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Recovering Damages for Invasion of Privacy, including Secretly Photographing or Videotaping Persons without their Consent

Disclosure of intimate and offensive material about someone, misrepresentations that place someone in a false light, or using someone else's name or likeness (for example, unauthorized use of someone's photo) are all grounds for a civil claim. In Texas, invasion of privacy is an intentional tort with three distinct causes of action:

  1. Intrusion into seclusion or solitude or into private affairs;
  2. Public disclosure of embarrassing facts;
  3. Appropriation, for commercial advantage, of a person's name or likeness.

In Texas, it is illegal to secretly videotape or photograph a person who is nude or in a state of undress without their consent. This type of illegal action is an Invasion of Privacy of the victim and entitles the victim to sue the perpetrator for monetary damages in a court of law. The victim can sue the perpetrator for money (monetary) damages and can also seek a permanent injunction issued by a court to prevent the perpetrator from coming near the victim again or bothering the victim.

Placing hidden surveillance cameras or closed circuit cameras in a person’s bedroom or bathroom are also examples of Invasion of Privacy.

At The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison, P.C. we are dedicated to helping the victims of Invasion of Privacy recover maximum compensation for these illegal acts against predators who illegally videotape, illegally photograph, and invade the privacy of their victims.

Don't be ashamed or embarrassed to talk confidentially with us. I have a Registered Nurse on staff to assist with these cases. You can be assured that you will be treated with dignity at our law firm and that your case will be handled discreetly. We understand the sensitive issues involving sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment cases and will do all that we can to protect you and recover monetary damages against the perpetrators of these illegal acts.

For more information about our services or to speak with an experienced lawyer, please call The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison, P.C. at (512) 708-1650 or email us today at for your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation. We have an experienced RN (Registered Nurse) on staff